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Divers Explore Sunken Village in Thailand

Today Big Blue Tech and divers under instruction for their TDI Extended Range course leave Koh Tao island for the main land for 5 days of deep technical diving in Khao Sok National Park. In Khao Sok National Park resides a sunken village and buddhist temple which has become a popular attraction for technical divers since it’s discovery by Big Blue Tech in February of 2009.

This expedition takes 6 technical divers half way across thailand for true remote diving.

Today consisted of boosting o2, servicing regulators, emergency planning and loading of massive pile of technical diving equipment needed for such diving which is enough. One diver alone will be equiped with the following.

3 torches, 2 reels, 2 lift bags, 1 o2 at 200 bar, 1 nitrox and 1 twin set. Double bladder wing, spare mask, cutting tools, gloves and pockets.

With 6 of us diving and 1 for surface cover you can imagine the day has been very hot and sweaty while sorting out the logistics. However, on the up side all the work and planning gives these divers a unique experience unlike any other.

During this time there will be no news. We will be back in contact on the 24th of September.


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