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PADI Cave Diver Certification Released (DSAT)

PADI have released a statement inviting qualified Cave Diving Instructors from other agencies to write and submit distinctive specialty outlines for PADI. Many in the industry believe this is a move to have experienced cave instructors provide outlines and information to support the move for the technical diving branch of PADI called DSAT to introduce a program without the nessesity of being responsible for the outcome.

In an official release PADI says:

“You can now teach cave diving under the TecRec umbrella through the TecRec Distinctive Specialties process. If you’re a qualified cave diving instructor, you may submit a cave diver course outline for consideration and approval by your PADI Office. Contact a DSAT TDD Technical Consultant for more information about qualifications and the minimum requirements for TecRec Cave Diver Distinctive Specialties.”

In true technical diver tenacity, comments from technical diving forums have been quite sceptical. In one instance “DecoBob” said:

“Why would i write a course outline, risk having my work amalgamated into their structure and pay for it when i already issue a well respected and recognized cave diving certification”

In response PADI has claimed that the benefit come from the respect of the entire brand and marketing support behind the program. In addition to this move in the vast restructuring of the DSAT Tec Rec system has been the invitation to cross over technical instructors for free (pre-requisites apply) and generally change the entire course structure to more resemble their closest competitor TDI (technical diving international)

For more information, you can find the read the DSAT Tec Rec Blog


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