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Team America Dive Tech in Thailand

September 11th

A US Marine Officer, former US Airforce Engineer and a Private Security Consultant joined Big Blue Tech today for some decompression diving. All three men hail from New York and came to Big Blue Tech for different reasons but all dived together this morning.

Mike Borneo, US Marine Captain joined Big Blue Tech to get his TDI Advanced Nitrox but quickly moved on to complete his TDI Decompression Procedures course as well. Mike is on cultural attachment to the US Embassy in Thailand before his next deployment overseas in the new year.

Steve Papapanos, former US Airforce Engineer is travelling through thailand and came to Big Blue Tech for the same reasons as Mike and will continue his travells through the rest of Asia.

Nathaniel Weiss, Business Consultant for Private Security Companies overseas joined Big Blue Tech for his TDI Extended Range course and Khao Sok Expedition at the end of the month but came out today to receive a Technical Refresher before going straight into the course. Nathaniel will join 3 others later this month to start his extended range.

The course was conducted over 4 days and exposed the divers to accelerated decompression to 45m. The divers learned complex dive planning, equipment configuration and new diving techniques to allow them to dive deeper and longer than before.

The students enjoyed the diving so much the signed up for some additional experience dives right after the course. It was a great pleasure hanging out with these lads since we’re very much an ex military school and wish them all the luck in the future.


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