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Just another Lazy Afternoon in Paradise

August 9th 2009

Big Blue Tech found itself with a complete day off with the end of one course and another series of courses scheduled to begin. The Tech Crew used this say to service equipment, order new gear and plan for the series of incoming students and events.

Some of the activities included working more on one of our project rebreathers slated to be dived on next month. We’ve taken a old Drager Dolphin SCR and converting it to a side by side tank system with a mounting unit for a backplate and wing. Currently being engineered is a flexible manifold found already on the Halcyon rebreather. On this day we sorted out the scrubber and checked all the major features like possitive and negative pressure, flow rate and bubble check before taking it diving. The advantage of this little breather is for shallow caves and recreational diving. The film Sharkwater was created using one of these rebreathers so we’re hoping to integrate this unit into our future technical videography courses.

In addition to getting the rebreather organized was boosting pure oxygen to 200 bar for our remote technical diving expedition in Khao Sok where getting oxygen fills on the dive site will be difficult. This was also a chance for crew to show our intern how these systems work and how to operate them.

And much like any normal day at Big Blue Tech the local staff and divers came by for a coffee and a chat in  our relaxed atmosphere.

Tomorrow will be very different with the start of an Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures Course.


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