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Big Blue Tech introduces new diving courses to Thailand

Today Big Blue Tech will be introducing new diving and diving related courses to our list of programs to help increase the diversity of our school and promote proper industry practices throughout our curriculum. All these courses can be found on our training page in the coming days.

SDI Research Diver
With our in house marine biologists and our relationship with the “Save Koh Tao” environmental awareness group we will be providing this certification to select individuals who meet the pre-requisites. In addition to this course individuals will additionally receive the SDI Solo Diver certification so they can conduct survey and research dives on their own on our resort reef and pinnacles. This course will be an internship option and will include multiple dives over a 1 month period Read More

SDI Visual Inspection Procedures
Big Blue Tech already provide regulator service clinics, gas blending, compressor operation and 02 service technician course but will now add the SDI VIP course to provide potential technicians with the opportunity to be certified in the process of visual inspection of scuba cylinders. The advantage of the student learning this will help increase their employability skills globally and increase their education about scuba cylinders. Read More

SDI CPROX Administrator Course
Learning the safe and valid application of oxygen is a requirement for all our staff and leaders. Normally we did not offer this course to divers unless they were to become a leader. However now realizing the increase in remote diving and team technical diving methods we are now opening this course to the public with the emphasis on technical diving applications. Additionally underwater recompression with a full face mask will be taught to certified technical divers. Read More

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