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TDI Advanced Nitrox in Thailand

Today Big Blue Tech completed a TDI Advanced Nitrox Course for Martijn and Emily which took 2 days with 4 dives.

This course is designed to train divers how to use the basic technical diving equipment, dive to 40m and handle advanced mixes of nitrox up to pure oxygen.

This course is a non-decompression diving course giving the students the option of diving on nitrox, in twin tanks at depth.

The dives began with simple buoyancy, beginner skills and air consumption moving slowly to more advanced and complex skills challenging the divers and creating confident and comfortable tekkies.

Although moments of being attacked by fish, Emily getting caught waving at bat fish and Martijn forgetting his computer it was all relatively smooth.

This course was assisted by Christos Kardana and Andy Holdaway who are working to progress their professional skills for their upcoming examinations for further technical instructor ratings.


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  2. If this is an adv Nitrox course, why don’t anyone have deco bottles? Usually adv. nitrox and deco procedure are taken together.

    September 7, 2009 at 12:47 am

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