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Jana Strain sets eyes on Freediving Elite

Jana Strain has a deep love of all things aquatic. She started swimming at a young age and has always felt at home in the water. As a youth, Jana trained rigorously in many forms of dance. By her late teens she was performing at a professional level in dance, musical theatre and acting. She moved to Los Angeles after being requested to audition for several productions.

Jana’s journey into freediving began when she got her PADI Open Water scuba certification. Within a year, she had traveled all over the world to dive and got her instructor certification. She loved the deep and wanted to learn to dive without gear. So, in May 2008, she took her first course in freediving.

2008 was a huge year for Jana. She attended the 2008 AIDA Team World Competition where she discovered her natural ability in dynamic apnea. Soon after her return home to Santa Monica she smashed the North American Continental Women’s Dynamic Apnea Record swimming 171M (561ft) on a single breath. Finally Jana received top honors being voted the Best New International Freediver.

2009 has been an very exciting year to date. Jana has broken two Pan American freediving records, the first in Constant No Fins, and the other in Dynamic No Fins. She also won the title of ‘National Champion’ at the Canadian Indoor Finals in April. This year Jana will also have many opportunities to dive with big animals, an experience guaranteed to take her breath away.


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