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New Oceanic dive computer – OC1

This week, Oceanic began shipping its latest diving breakthrough – the OC1 dive computer, which takes diving technology to a completely new level.

The OC1 is the first and only dive computer to offer divers a choice of diving algorithms designed to maximize dive time within proven safe limits depending on the type of diving being conducted.

The two distinct algorithms include the Pelagic DSAT, based on Powell/Spencer data, which is ideal for repetitive, multi-level recreational diving profiles or the new Pelagic Z+, based on Buhlmann ZHL-16C, for more advanced, technical diving applications.  A deep stop countdown timer may be also be activated by the user with either algorithm.

Scuba diving has come a long way in the last decade. The growth of technical diving has resulted in diving products that offer a wide range of options and customization. The OC1 delivers reliable diving information based on the diver’s individual needs. This is important with ever-changing diving needs, environments and challenges.

For specific product details, click here: Oceanic OC1 Computer

Close to three years in engineering and development, the OC1 benefits from more than 25 years of Oceanic computer technology and expertise. Recent technological advances now allow divers to upgrade the OC1 computer online as product enhancements or new features are released. In addition, the wireless transmitters are “backwards compatible” to work with other Oceanic products including the popular DataMask™.

While the OC1 is certainly user-friendly and simple to use, first-time users and Oceanic professionals may need targeted instruction on how to get the most from the new interface and product features. Oceanic has created several online demonstrations that provide a “virtual” tour of the unit’s surface and underwater operations. These brief programs can be found at the Oceanic website at OC1 DEMOS.

Naturally, the OC1 features the state-of-the-art in function, style and performance. Divers can choose from Slate Blue or Orange colors that accent the forged Titanium wrist mount body. Oceanic’s revolutionary wireless air integration works in tandem with the unique “Buddy Pressure Check” feature that helps divers know the status of their diving companions. A new digital interface (similar to a cell phone) makes programming simple. Large graphics make reading the advanced digital compass, stopwatch and multiple timers and alerts a breeze.

“Divers have asked to have ‘everything in one package’ and the OC1 delivers that in a major way,” said Doug Krause, Oceanic Marketing Manager. “Today’s divers have a variety of needs and requirements. The OC1 is perfect for the recreational diver, the technical diver and the diver that does both. This innovative tool combines all of the features that Oceanic divers have enjoyed for years and puts them in one lightweight, compact, functional tool that can be worn on the wrist.”

Krause adds the OC1 features at least a dozen new features or improvements that have come directly from users of other advanced Oceanic dive computer products.

The OC1 comes with a transmitter, wrist strap extender, USB cable and complete download software for upgrades. The suggested retail price is $1850. The product is available now through Oceanic’s global authorized dealer network.

For more details on the Oceanic product line, visit the website at Oceanic Worldwide


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