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TDI Gas Blender Course Completed

Compressor Use

Yesterday Big Blue Tech certified 3 TDI Gas Blenders following a challenging 2 days of practical work and hands on compressor and blending use.

The students, Glen, Rich and Andy learned the following:

Partial Pressure Blending
Top Up Blending
Bleed Down Top up with different banked mixed
Continuous Flow Blending
Oxygen use and hazards
Compressor design and basic operation
High pressure systems (banks, filling stations)
Rules of compression (high to low , hot and cold)
Working with PSI and BAR.

Compressor use (Electric and Petrol powered)
Filter chemicals and their use
Compressor operation (maintenance and checks)
DIN and INT filling whips and valve use
Cylinder Visual Inspection Methods
Twin Cylinder with manifold cleaning and assembly
Partial pressure blending
Continuous flow blending
Oxygen Handling

The course started early on day one with theory and academics covering the various formulas and calculations needed to work in any nitrox facility. After a lunch break we moved into how a compressor works using both electrical and gas powered systems with ample time running each unit independently. The day was finished with home work and a introduction into nitrox filling use and visual inspection.

The final day was a round robin of events. With three students we broke the activities into several parts where one would do the exam, another servicing a cylinder and finally someone filling nitrox.

The majority of the 6 cylinders each had to fill were done with continuous flow making 23,27,32,36,38 percent mixes and finally a 60 percent mix that required partial pressure filling using pure oxygen. Each student had to perform these fills independently including turning on the compressor and oxygen.

The partial pressure part proved difficult with a inaccurate guage but the students got it within 1% which is the standard for the course.

All 3 students walked out confident they had actually learned something useful and not just another item for the CV. The students were awarded the TDI Nitrox Gas Blender certification.


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