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Sail Rock Dive Site – Big Blue Style

Event took place on July 31st

Suicidal Birds

Sail Rock dive site has been described by many as the best scuba diving destination on the entire east coast of Thailand.

There have been many rumors going around as to where the name comes from however we believe it’s because of the famous sail rock in the black sea which looks very very similar. Described here on wiki.

The site is a big granite pinnacle that breaks the surface half way between Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Tao and as there are no other rocks around it acts as a congregation point for all the fish in the surrounding area.

The pinnacle drops down to 50 meters in the sand and is typically dived in a circular route around the rock, spiraling slowly shallower. If currents are strong however, dive masters will guide customers around the sheltered areas, avoiding hard fining in the currents. There are other outer rocks a little deeper that can be seen from the main pinnacle and are home to reef sharks.

On a clear day, with light filtering down into the crystal blue water, the granite boulder looks stunning. Enormous schools of trevally are all over the dive site and they energetically harass the smaller fish which bunch together and move as one for protection from these darting raids

Because of the distance and the logistics required to reach the dive site very few schools on Koh Tao actually bother to reach this dive site. However Big Blue go there about twice a week with the aid of 3 boats, on board kitchen (galley) and space for 40 – 50 divers.

On this day in particular Big Blue Tech joined the boat for some technical diving, photography and just enjoy a day out on the seas.

The trip was accompanyed with several different courses and activities from Advanced and Dive Master courses to Recreational and Technical Fun Divers.

In the technical diving community it seems to be a common opinion that mixing technical diving and recreational diving on one boat is something of a problem, however we feel it’s a great environment to be in. Many divers have never seen such diving methods and are generally curious and interested which makes it a great chance to educate divers in other styles of fish watching.

Additionally the technical diving team wanted to explore some GPS Marks given to us by the boat captain and his friends with our sea bottom sonar along the way. Some proved promising and we would later return alone to the marks for further exploration.

Although the day was good the weather turned on us quite quickly causing strong current on the dive sites. This left the technical divers with one big dive and resorted to relaxing on the boat while the other divers did 3.

Below are some images from the day.


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