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Daredevil Mike Wells to freedive Australia’s longest ocean cave

ON a single breath, Mike Wells hopes to go where no swimmer has ever gone unaided before.

The daredevil freediver will this week attempt to swim through Fish Rock Cave, the longest ocean cave in Australia, without scuba gear.

Mr Wells had planned to make the dive yesterday, until risky weather conditions forced him to postpone the attempt at the last minute.

A video camera will be strapped to the chest of his specially designed wetsuit as he makes the journey through the 120m long cave, 2km off the coast of South West Rocks on the North Coast.

The footage will then be sent to the Guinness Book of Records as proof of the world-first freediving challenge.

Freediving is a risky endeavour done without oxygen tanks and Mr Wells has trained for several years in preparation for this one dive.

But yesterday’s weather conditions off South West Rocks were deemed too dangerous and Mr Wells instead used it as a practice run.

“A swell like that can surge through the cave and you could get jammed,” he said. “It feels like swimming uphill, the surge was just too strong yesterday. I know mother nature enough not to risk something like that.

“I used it as a trial and so we have postponed but hopefully I can do it in the next few days.

“I will just wait for the call and once the weather is suitable, I will begin.”

The 39-year-old has been freediving for almost two decades and is hopeful of raising funds for the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Fish Rock Cave has a large population of endangered grey nurse sharks and the AMCS is the only charity that solely works to protect and care for sea life.

Inside the tunnel of the cave where Mr Wells will swim is also a large number of green turtles.

“Hopefully by having to wait a few more days, it might alert more people in the area to what we are attempting to do,” he said.

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