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Tropical Conditions Returns to Koh Tao

Blue Skies

Living and diving on a small island can be unpredictable in so many ways, one of the more intrusive ways is the weather. Without warning it can change from hot and sunny to cold and rainy, recently Koh Tao was hit with a storm that lasted a few days ( see “Blown Away by the Diving“, took down some trees, threw sand in our eyes and general put everyone off the idea of going into the sea. That short period of boredom and gloom is over now with the return of the sunny and hot season typically enjoyed by all in Koh Tao and exactly what you would expect from a small island.

Koh Tao is unique beyond anywhere in Thailand, it has yet to be given a large airport which means the groups of people here are determined to enjoy the island. It’s always been considered a hippy backpacker place so it’s still quite young and fresh in mood and atmosphere. The shop owners are relaxed and leave you to browse with out the high pressure sales tactics. And the number one great thing about Koh Tao is the absence of the sex industry found most commonly in other parts of Thailand. Here on Koh Tao you would never see a “go go bar” in other places already mentioned you can’t avoid them. Most people already know this about Koh Tao and that’s what makes this place a great place to put your feet up.

Even the manager of Big Blue Diving wrote this: “ I woke up this morning I had an early morning swim from my house on Sairee Terrace south, a couple of hundred meters, to Sairee Beach & then back again. Me & my lovely wife walked the dogs down to the beach & then we had breakfast on the balcony at home. Then when I drove into work this morning the breeze was a refreshing break to the early morning heat of another beautifully bright hot sunny day. I went to yoga & put the fans on full. I got to spend most of my working day in my air conditioned office & then I’ve got a wedding party at the beach tonight at sunset. Then tomorrow I got to do the same again though I might replace my yoga work out with a couple of dives at Chumphon Pinnacle! I’m living the dream : ) Are you? “. Sounds good to me.

With the weather change brought about a mad rush of diving, Christos couldn’t wait to get back in the water to start taking pictures again and generally everyone is in a good mood soaking up the sun.

Below are some pictures taken over the past few days. The photo’s Christos took can be found >here<


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