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Bio Tech – The Future of Marine Biological Studies

The need to study marine life deeper and longer then previsouly allowed is becoming apparent as the marine biology industry is becoming saturated with recreational divers who are limited to 30-40m. Big Blue Tech have developed a course which will introduce technical diving methods and skills for the purpose of research and conservation.

You will be taught by professional marine biologists from our staff and those working for the Save Koh Tao environmental committee and the BioRock Group. As the only dive school in South East Asia offering programs in scientific Tech-diving, we provide access to some of the unseen wonders of the globe.

Our course demonstrates fundamental approaches and specialist techniques required of contemporary investigations in marine biology and ecology. It promotes an awareness of modern research programs of governmental and non-governmental agencies and demonstrates key analytical techniques, many of which are not taught at universities at any undergraduate or postgraduate level. The course combines current thinking (theory) and practical measurement (practice) used to understand natural influences and human domination of top-down processes (e.g. Marine Protected Areas and fishing) and bottom-up processes (e.g. waste water treatment, catchment management) that maintain and disrupt ecosystem function and sustainability. Particular emphasis is placed on temperate coasts for which most of the Thai population lives and works, and career opportunities most diverse and numerous.

In addition, this course will train you to be profficient technical diver with a range up to 55m with an estimated bottome time of atleast 30 minutes.


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