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Win a Megalodon Closed Circuit Rebreather, and Advanced Diver Magazine are Raffling off a new Megalodon Closed Circuit Rebreather, a $9,700.00 value!

The winning ticket will be drawn at the 2009 DEMA show, Friday November 6th at 3pm at the Innerspace Systems Corporation booth. The drawing will be video taped and immediately presented on and All rebreatherworld members are invited to attend the drawing.

The Megalodon ECCR contains the follow below items:
• Main Canister (black)
• Counter Lungs (standard nylon)
• Breathing Hose Assembly
• Scrubber Canister • Standard Axial w/moisture pads
• APECS Electronics Software 2.7
• Back plate w/continues Loop Harness
• LP Hoses
• Shadow Gear for Cylinder Attachment
• HP hoses and Gauges in PSI
• 2 Aluminum Cylinders and Valves
• 2 1st Stage Regulators
• MGB w/spare hose
• Dust Caps

How the raffle works:
• Purchased tickets are printed separately onto cards and placed in the raffle bin.
• Each ticket contains the buyers name, their e-mail address, and the number of tickets purchased.
• The ticket purchaser will receive an e-mail confirmation after their tickets have been purchased. Credit cards are run manually once or twice a week. If a credit card is rejected, the cardholder will be notified by e-mail.
• All tickets will be placed within the RBW/ADM raffle bin.
• On the above selected date, the single winning ticket will be drawn from the bin in the presence of a crowd.
• The drawing will be video taped and placed on Rebreatherworl and ADM On-Line
• The winning ticket holder will be notified by phone and than e-mail.

The Winner
• The winner of the raffle is required to set up training with a certified Megalodon instructor.
• The winner is required to complete all Innerspace System’s liability forms
• The chosen instructor will receive the oxygen injection part of the raffle Megalodon to insure instruction on the unit.
• The winner agrees to pay all shipping and any customs or duty fees on the unit.

Buy Your Ticket Here


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