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Russian submarine found at Märket

After almost 10 years of searching, wreck hunters have found the remains of the Russian submarine S-2 that was sunk with all crew of 50 men by the Market lighthouse in 1940.

HISTORY The last visual observation of the S-2 was made on January 3rd 1940 by lighthouse officer J.A. Eckerman of the Market lighthouse. He tells:

“The submarine was visible just outside the Market Island eastern edge. It looked as if it headed northward towards the reefs just east of Market but suddenly it changed its heading to clear the reefs and headed eastwards between the reefs and the small island Northeast Sankan. Immediately after changing course, the submarine submerged. Shortly after, an explosion was heard in east-southeastly direction. At the moment I was looking through my binoculars at a shipwreck in another direction. As I immediately after the explosion turned around, I saw in the believed direction of the sound some thick black smoke that lightened up and disappeared in the wind. However, the observed submarine should not have been able to reach the explosion site even though it was heading in the direction. The submarine carried the the sign S-2.”

Ever since the submarine was been lost, neither the Finnish or Swedish Navy has known the position of the wreck.

The search for S-2 begun in April 2009. A vast area of the sea has been searched through and the wreck has now been found in the Aland sea near the Finnish-Swedish sea border by a joint Swedish-Finnish diving team. One member of this team is Ingvald Eckerman, who is the Grandson of the lighthouse officer J.A. Eckerman.

At the time of the sinking there were a total of 50 on board, the regular crew of 46 plus the Commander of the 13th Submarine Division, Gavriil Nikolajevitj Tutyshkin, his assistant and two mechanical students. All 50 on board perished.

Swedish and Aland Isles authorities as well as the Embassy of Russia in Helsinki, have been informed of the discovery of the wreck.

In a press release, the diving team tells that Russia has stated the finding of the S-2 to be very important and has thus contacted Swedish and Finnish authorities asking for further information on the fate of the S-2.

The members of the diving team are Mårten Zetterström (Heby), Ingvald Eckerman (Åland), Richard Johansson (Falkenberg), Patrik Palm (Helsingborg), Björn Rosenlöf (Stockholm) and Mikael Sundin (Uppsala).


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