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Closed-Circut Divers Australia & MV Trident’s Gulf of Thailand Virgin Wreck Expedition

The MV Trident usually operates out of Koh Tao and considering the distance we had to travel to get to these wreck sites the boys decided to take the boat to Koh Samui, so we all made our way there to join the boat.

That afternoon had us assembling our equipment pumping tanks and generally settling in for the week ahead. That evening around 7.00pm we slipped the lines and we were on our way and motored all night and into mid morning before we arrived at our first mark. We arrived on the position all very excited with most of us in the wheelhouse glued to the sounder looking for the big red lump protruding from the normally flat sandy bottom of the Gulf.

The shot went down and not long after a diver followed it to tie on and shoot a bag if it was a wreck worth diving or he would just surface if it was a pile of junk and we would move on. We all waited anxiously, some guys even got into their equipment hoping to be one of the first to dive this, hopefully, virgin wreck. After what seemed like hours the lift bag appeared and it was time to get kitted up and go take a look at it.

We had a full boat of divers, consisting of 6 Open Circuit divers and 5 Closed Circuit divers (1 Sentinel, 1 Inspo-Deep Pursuit Hybrid, 1 Meg, 1 Hammerhead Meg, 1 Pelagian). We were arranged into buddy teams and our team consisted of 3 CCR divers as we had all dived together previously on another wreck diving trip in the Philippines the year before and were comfortable diving with each other. We met up at the downline at 6 meters and went through our checks before descending down the wreck below. It was later identified as a Japanese Coastal Tanker the Kinrei Maru by the Japanese crockery, size and configuration and more importantly it was not far from the location where the US Submarine the USS Hammerhead had marked her as sunk… Continued


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