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The Boys and Their Toys

Big Blue Tech has a lot of compressors, in fact we have 8 in different places around thailand from a small portable gas powered one for expeditions to a compressor so big it takes 10 people to move it. Many would think they’re not all needed but when one breaks it causes panic and mayhem around the dive resort.

Recently one of our older compressors decided he had enough of his life pumping gas and committed suicide. It was touch and go as the compressor doctors debated about putting him out to pasture or fixing him. It was decided to let the compressor go and replace him with a new one. The compressor that passed on had been with the school for over 15 years and was the first compressor ever to be bought at Big Blue.

The new one is a Bauer 250 with the “state of the art” P41 filter (basically more filter for the air) and it’s one of the new toys added to the collection of bells and whistles.

Additionally Christos returned from Singapore with his Amphibico Underwater Housing which looks very serious indeed. Christos claims its the housing the BBC and National Geographic used before HD moved on the scene.


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