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Caught Up Technical Diving

Fish nets caught on dive sites are increasingly becoming a major issue. For years divers have been aware of these issues and even the fishing men themselves know there is a dive site in the area and still somehow catch their nets on wrecks or pinnacles. The most concerning aspect beyond the environmental impact is the risk of entanglement to less experienced divers who might want to “pitch in” and it’s a terrible eye sore for the biggest diving certification destination in south east asia.

Today Cory Lewis and James Thornton-Allan went for some fun technical diving at a relatively shallow dive site called “South West Pinnacles” and ventured to the “secret pinnacle” where the most preserved and pristine soft coral and marine life are. It was supposed to be some simple fish watching but as the divers arrived at the secret pinnacle it was covered in a fine plastic fishing net with several species of marine life trapped alive amongst decaying less fortunate fish.

We’re not particularly against fishing, everyone understands that commercial fishing is an important role and industry around the world, however these fish we’re trapped and dying slowly and would attract larger marine life to get trapped in the same way.

As we started to remove the net, slowly trying to not get entangled and at the same time to not damage the coral the net clung to, we found about 6 scorpion fish (poisionous), baner fish, damsel fish, angel fish and the rest of nemo’s friends. We we’re able to remove wat was alive and wouldn’t kill us and removed the entire next that stretched well over 100m

On the topic of fishing is a new movie, much like all the recent environmental documentaries, this one focuses on commercial fishing call the End of the Line which should help to improve general education of commercial fishing and the impact of fish lines.

Thankfully the dive site has been returned to it’s normal condition even if took dives 50 minutes and a bit of decompression to clear it.


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