Thailand – Australia – United Kingdom

Full Face Mask Course

Diving with a full face mask has many advantages. It protects the diver from cold, increases communication, protection from environmental hazards and most importantly you can chew gum and dive at the same time.

For our tropical environments there’s no real point in wearing one unless you dive on a rebreather or in water recompression. But it is a lot of fun for the first time. One of the more enjoyable points is you can talk clearly if you but the mask beside someones head. With the built in communications systems you can also use the microphone.

The most challenging part of the course is the removal and replacement of the mask, the minute the seal is broken it purges making it a positive pressure system. This means when you remove it you have a good chance of loosing a lot of air until it’s under control.

In the end you use a lot more air than normal and it takes a long time to get used to it. But for people with recent oral or nose injuries they can continue diving without pressure in that area.


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