Thailand – Australia – United Kingdom

Technical Videography Internship

Filming on land has challenges, these are doubled underwater which are further tripled when technical diving.

For the past few months we have been training Christos Kardana on various skills from technical diving to cave diving. Christos left school as a marine biologist and started traveling the world as an underwater videographer traveling to places like Croatia and Indonesia. All this experience taught him much but he soon realized that he was not equal to his equipment and wanted to go down deeper and film longer.

Being as Christos had his own equipment and years of videography experience we developed a course to teach him how to technical dive with a camera.

These was accomplished by first introducing one handed skills by going back into shallow water to repeat his early technical training dives but with a crate in his hand. This crate would change from negative to positively buoyant simulating the change of the weight of the camera at depth. As Christos moved through the skills we gave him an underwater camera and later an underwater SLR camera to try to work on composition while still completing his schedule for decompression diving.

These early skills and techniques will allow Christos to continue his internship at Big Blue Tech where he wants to film a documentary about Groupers which was his thesis topic during his degree scheme research, of which our dive sites have an abundance. These new skills will allow him to film and remain in a single location for much longer than before. Later Christos will move on to semi closed rebreather diving much like the creator of Sharkwater used during his documentary on shark finning.


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