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Wrecked by the weather

The waves and wind have increased causing havoc on our diving schedule and making it generally rough on our side of Koh Tao

These waves and wind proved too much for one dive school ,who will remain anonymous, when their boat got into a bit of trouble and was sank in a shallow dive area where it was hiding from the elements.

One benefit to this unfortunate incident is the creation of a shallow and publicly accessible wreck where previously all the wrecks on Koh Tao were reserved for technical diving or experienced divers. In comparison this new one can’t really be called a Ship Wreck, it’s more a sunk boat.

This wreck is lying upright in 15m of crystal clear water with a buoy line on it for everyone to see. There’s nothing particularly interesting inside except the odd news paper or sunglasses but you can see the tank racks that would hold the scuba cylinders for their customers. There is the slight hazard of the petrol and oil that leaks out which could be smelled on our gear after the dive.

On this day we used it for some simulated deep wreck training with some underwater photography equipment and we had the wreck all to ourselves.

Unfortunately the wreck is wooden which means it won’t last long. We lost a boat of the same size a few years ago in similar conditions, that one was gone and swept away in a few months. Hopefully in it’s protected location it will have a better chance of being an source of amusement for a while. For directions, go to the furthest buoy line from Japanese Gardens.

These photos have been edited to protect the identity of the owners.


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