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Shark breaks into cage for a dive

A video of a Great White shark that ends up in a shark cage with a man from Plettenberg Bay has been seen by millions of people on YouTube.

The clip, which shows Pieter Boshoff, 38, coming face-to-face with the shark, will also be shown on Sunday on the programme Untamed and Uncut on DStv’s Animal Planet channel.

According to Boshoff the incident happened about eight years ago at Gansbaai, when shark cage diving was still quite new to the country. He was there that day with his brother to take underwater photographs.

Boshoff and another man were in the cage when the sharks were lured closer with raw fish. Boshoff says he was taking photos when the Great White shark of about 4m suddenly swam straight into the cage.

The impact caused the shark’s head to get stuck between the bars. “With all the thrashing about, the shark moved deeper and deeper into the cage. The steel was bending more and more and the other guy and I moved to the bottom of the cage.

“At one stage there was only the camera between me and the shark. There were a few tense seconds when the shark could’ve easily taken a chomp out of my stomach.”

In the process, Boshoff and the other diver also almost lost their air supply. The entire incident was caught on camera.

The shark knocked Boshoff out of the cage with its head, at which point he and the other diver were able to swim to the surface.

Boshoff later went to Cape Town, where a team from National Geographic interviewed him about the incident. That interview is part of the clip which can now be seen on Untamed and Uncut.

Boshoff says he thought he was “on his way out” that day. Since the incident, he hasn’t climbed in a shark cage again.

“I actually prefer surfing, thank you very much. I still get nervous when I see something that looks like a shark in the water.”


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