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Shark attack wetsuit set to scare beach-goers

The wetsuit – created by Dutch designer Diddo Velema – makes it look like the wearer has been savaged by a shark thanks to a unique printing process.

Custom inks are used to add the gory textures which appear like a torn wetsuit, ripped skin and wounds going down to the bone.

Diddo, who has a design studio in Amsterdam, said: “Wetsuits are both functional and protective, but why must they all look the same?”

Okay, being different is one thing, but having a look which will mentally scar children making sandcastles on the beach and leave them scared of the sea seems a bit excessive. “Is there some unwritten law that dictates we shed our individuality to blend into the monotone waters? he added.

“With that in mind, I took up the challenge to create an alternative. With custom inks and unique printing techniques, I was able to map textures onto the suits to create original designs that evoke the mysteries of the seas.

“This wetsuit gives the illusion that the wearer has been attacked by a group of hungry sharks.”

Diddo has also created other patterned wetsuits which look like a rusted iron diving suit, an anatomic musculature suit and a whale shark patterned suit.

All are set to go on sale soon but a price has not yet been fixed.


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