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Khao Sok – May Expedition – Day 6

Today was the final day for diving activities both for the recreational and technical divers with their own boat.

The recreational divers would explore areas where people remember seeing caves before the dam was built and water covered the entrance. This let the divers explore the depths for new cave and cavern systems, some were found but none more substantial then ones already recorded.

The technical divers returned to the lake bed in search of the village and temple. With map in hand we found signs of a village including structures, path ways, steps and buildings but no temple.

After the diving was completed we were picked up by our mini bus and whisked back to Chumphon Peir for our night boat back to Koh Tao.

Below is a video recorded by Andy Fritz of Rebreather Lab in Koh Samui of his discovery of the sunken village in 2008.

We’ll be returning in June for technical diving only in search of the temple and later in June for another cavern course. Check the event details to sign up.


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