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Khao Sok – May Expedition – Day 4

We all followed the same schedule as the day before but this day we decided to stay at Temple Cave as we had already explored different sites and temple cave is the most dynamic and diverse system. We completed the training dives and skills. The tekkies decided to go off into the woods again looking for more depth. After the dives it was decided to send Cory back to the resort to start filling cylinders while the rest headed off for the infamous Khlong Kla Waterfall and a large cave on the surface.

Arriving at the water fall we were serisouly disappointed. The slow trickle of water couldn’t of carried a leaf from top to bottom. The bottom compostion of the waterfall was a mix of random firm sand and complete mud that sucked you in to the knee. Although it didn’t provide much chance for water falling frolick it did give a a few laughs. Moving back through the park we visited a very large cave system that you could walk through for 20 minutes, the hot and dark cave was great to show students different types of formations and be able to discuss it. The spiders and bats proved a bit much for some so we didn’t spend that much time inside.

Arriving back at the resort there was a “problem” with our bauer compressor. Basically a pipe, that could not be welded or banged back into place broke and we couldn’t fill tanks. After a furry of phone calls to friends in the area we found the best option was to drive to Phuket, get the spare part and tanks filled at the Dive Supply warehouse. So James and Tia jumped in the taxi and headed off to sort the tanks out.

James would later return at midnight with all the tanks filled and compressor fixed. The rest of us relaxed, drank beer and had a communal dinner otherwise called a lucky dip. This is typical in Thailand where the dishes are shared instead of individual meals. After dinner the torches were re packed, reels checked and off to bed.


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