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Khao Sok – May Expedition – Day 3

Woken at 6 am to the smell of fresh coffee, french toast and bacon as Cory had already packed the Taxi with all the gear and had been furiously cooking breakfast for everyone.

The resort we rented has a fully stocked kitchen allowing the customers to have breakfast at their leisure with a fully stocked food cupboard and fridge. Along with a BBQ for evening meals if so desired.

After breakfast it was off to the peir of the dam to load up the 2 longtails (1 for gear and 1 for the divers) and head off to our first cavern. Our first cavern, called “Peters Cave” is a bit more like a cave than a cavern however with access to surface it’s debatable if it’s even an overhead environment at all. However with stalagtights and stalagmites throughout and complete darkness the effect is created. This would be the students first introduction to diving in these conditions and much like any initial training dive everything didn’t go to plan. After a debfriefing and a review of conduct with a  line and reel it was off to “Temple Cave” which is the most stunning of all cave systems in Khao Sok. This multiple entry limestone cavern/cave system extends from 4m to 25m with exits throughout into the lake. The sheer size of the cave is awe inspiring and even after a 60 minute dive only 15% of the system had been explored.

During these dives each student would take turns leading the dive and using the reel along with practicing propulsion techniques and guidelines use.As the training dives concluded and the technical divers returned from the lake bed looking at the sunken forest it was back to the peir and off to the clinic for James’ daily antibiotic injection to his buttock for his staff infection in his leg.

This evening Tia, our taxi driver would treat everyone to BBQ fish meal with vegetables and rice while everyone drank wine and beer and enjoyed the sunset melodised by the slow drone of the compressor being operated by a sweaty Cory Lewis.

Tonight over 15 people would dine together including the resort staff, long tail drivers, customers and dive staff who all work together to make these trips happen and all of whom have become quite close in such a short period of time.

The relaxed mood would continue into the evening with playing cards, music, too much beer for some and sleep calling early for many as tomorrow would be an early start as all are eager to get back into the water.


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