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Khao Sok – May Expedition – Day 2

The boat came to a hard stop in Cumphon and allowed the taxi to roll off onto land where we met our VIP mini bus which would take us to Khao Sok in comfort and style. As soon as we were inside the entire bus was asleep and most slept a few more hours.

After about 3 hours we arrived at the resort where rooms were assigned (6 rooms), stores unloaded and straight to lunch and the start of the academic session with a  PowerPoint slideshow which covered all the theoretical information like cave types, formations and hazards.

After lunch we took a tour of the Dam and learned about the construction and the history of the area with a swim in the lake before heading back to the resort.

Returning to the resort, everyone was given a reel that signalled the start of the land based reeling skills that included the following:
–    Reel use and inspection
–    Primary, Secondary Tie Offs
–    Placements and Line Traps
–    Touch Contact
–    Limited Visibility Drills
–    Zero Visibility Drills
–    Emergency Evacuation Drills
–    Jump Offs and Etiquette

When the drills and skills were done it was off to town to pick up food for breakfast illustrating the point that these people are hungry and wanted a full assortment of breakfast leaving James with the trolley and company credit card. After Carrying 8 grocery bags back to the taxi we headed off to dinner at a local diner in town for the best Thai Food ever tasted by many.

Back at the resort just after sunset we assembled and issued the last pieces of equipment for the following day and enjoyed the evening with a few beers relaxing on the balcony eager to dive in the morning.


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