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Wreck Hunted – No Prize

After all the planning, warming up, translating gps coordinates and scanning the sea bed with not only sonar but also several technical divers we were left with nothing.

A few weeks ago a wooden night boat ferry sank in rough seas just 5km from Koh Tao. However, the night boat did not go down where the crew were rescued so it’s impossible to determine exactly where it is now. Today a large team went out and dove the various areas that reflected on the sonar.

In cooperating with the Save Koh Tao committee and divers from schools throughout koh tao we scoured every inch of the area with out a slight hint of wreck or even a fish.

The day wasn’t an entire loss. Our technical diving interns got more time in the gear, previous students were given free technical dives and divers were shown the process of shotting a wreck and searching.

We’ll be returning to this area with future divers after more research is done into the tidal movement on the day the wreck went down.


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