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Wreck Hunt Warm-Up

The Save Koh Tao group have approached Big Blue Tech to find a recent wreck for them. Around the end of April, koh tao was hit with strong winds and high waves which resulted in the sinking on a night ferry. Thankfully no one was hurt and the few people on the boat were rescued as the boat sank.

This boat is a large wooden ferry that would go from Koh Tao Island to Chumphon Pier taking different goods and materials the island needed. The Save Koh Tao group wants a survey done and an environmental assessment to find out if any hazardous materials on board could have marine life effect.

Unfortunately the nature of wooden boats is that it won’t last long unless it’s quite deep. So tomorrow morning bright and early we set off with several technical divers to find the missing ship. However before that we did a dry run with some warm up skills to show the more recent technical divers what to expect and what skills they should enhance.


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