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Big Blue Tech – April in Review

April proved to be our busiest month with our biggest cavern course to date with 10 people on a 5 day exploration of the caves and cavers, an enrollment of 3 technical diving students at different stages progressing on to Trimix diving on the west coast and videography internships later. The arrival of new staff, Cory Lewis, to keep up with our nitrox distribution to the local diving community. All during this we had the arrival of “Golden Week” where 50 Japanese customers arrive for 3 weeks of diving on our boats, the overhall of all our compressors (7), Thai New Year, an electricity crisis and the renovation of the tech equipment room.

Unfortunately a few of our tech students hit a bit of trouble, Christos is still out of the water with some awful spider bite infection he got for passing out in the bushes in Khao Sok and John who picked up an ear infection for diving 5 times a day. However, this leaves room for some time off, with current courses on hold and no more planned until a CCR Megaladon Course in the end of May we’ve all decided to do some fun diving, relaxing, working on our tan and enjoying the island we all came here for.

Elsewhere on the island things have been busy. Mv Trident have been in and out of the harbour all month on technical wreck diving trips, PADI gave a discussion about how DSAT are changing their technical courses and another successful group of new instructors graduated from several different schools on the island.

We’ve got some pictures of Cory’s Tech course, he’s about 1/3 the way though and is only certified to dive in tech gear without anything too fancy. He’ll be joining the rest of the lads in mid May.


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