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Khao Sok – Expedition – PADI Cavern Course – Day 5

This morning the students beat the training team out of bed, I guess some people stayed up a bit later than others celebrating.  Even with that slightly embarrassing event we we’re on the pier and on our way on time. The plan was to head to Temple Cave which was voted as the nicest cave for some more diving. The divers we’re split up in buddy teams and sent off into the unknown. Some decided they wanted to map the cave and others wanted to go deeper. A member of the training team Matt was going to do some decompression diving in the lake just outside one of the cavern entrances where he believes is another opening. Claire was ecstatic because she could finally be allowed to film in this environment and was doing he best to shove her under water camera in everyone’s face, shouldn’t be to hard on her, finally we’ll have some professional footage. After the dive we left “Temple Cave” and headed another hour into the park to explore another section of the park where the locals believe there to be caves. So off we went into the national park for some exploration. From the surface you could clearly see evidence of limestone dissolution with above ground formations and under the water proved to be the same with caves dotted everywhere from about 20 to 40m in length with a labyrinth of connection rooms and openings. The locals said this was the first time divers have been in this area. We decided to name the systems Tao Tok meaning Turtle Fall and would set aside time in the future for more exploration in this very shallow area. Back on the pier by 3pm after spending already 6 hours in the park many looked tired and a bit sun burnt so we headed back quick, had lunch and again filled tanks. This evening would be spent at the resort, resting and packing for tomorrow which would be our last and final day with 3 dives making the total trip amount 9 dives.


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  1. Ian

    looks awesome guy’s. Son is as beautiful as ever!!!!

    April 27, 2009 at 6:25 pm