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Khao Sok – Expedition – PADI Cavern Course – Day 3

Waking up at 6 proved a bit much for the entire group leaving many still in bed past wake up. A few knocks on the door followed by the smell of coffee roused the troops to the dinning area for breakfast. We planned to be on the Peir to depart at 8 am thus beating the horrendous heat that would inevitably descend on us all. Each diver was given 2 torches, 2 reels and a regulator for their spare air. Arriving at the peir we had the local staff to most of the heavy lifting allowing us to board one of the two longtails. We arranged two boats, one for gear and one for divers which proved the best way to handle all the activities. Especially since we had 4 twin sets on there alone. The morning would be spent parked at “Temple Cave” which is so named because it was a worship place for many Buddhists  where they would place relics before the park was flooded by the dam. Each student would take turns making primary tie-offs, secondary tie-offs and placements throughout the cave while remaining in the cavern zone. After 2 dives we surfaced to find some menacing clouds above and dashed for the peir, however our driver told us there are rumours of a unfounded cave along the way. We did find a cave entrance however it was below recreational depth limits and below what would be considered safe in this environment, definitely promising for us technical divers though, this was found by a member of the technical team. As we returned to the resort, the compressor was fired up to fill the many cylinders while the students received more dry line work teachings but this time with blacked out masks and touch contact drills. Another diver would join us this evening from Khao Lak – Sonia Scott from last months course who can’t seem to get enough of khao sok. So we’re off to the live band bar to meet her have dinner and get to sleep early as tomorrow is another day of diving and just as early as it was today.


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