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Khao Sok – Expedition – PADI Cavern Course – Day 2

Arriving at Chumphon at 5 am we left the customers to sleep in while we waiting for the mini bus to pick us up. At 7 we boarded the mini bus and it was off to Khao Sok but what trip would be complete without a stop at KFC and CD shopping for in trip music. The heat now was beginning to become quite strong with temperatures rising above 30c. We booked into our rooms. All accommodation had minimum a TV, mini fridge, en suite bathroom and Air conditioning. Some had to share a double room while others had a single with a king size bed. The training team shared a 3 bed room with the normal amenities. The resort put all the rooms in one area with a communal kitchen and blending area for the gear and compressor. After some showering and un packing we took the divers on a tour of Khao Sok with some history and a swim in the lake to show people the environment they would be in tomorrow. Many were surprised at how fast and easy it was to sink as most would be accustomed to salt water environment. In the afternoon we had lunch combined with some theory on cavern diving including cavern types, hazards, equipment and etiquette. However the afternoon was met with heavy rains and that meant an introduction to reel work in the dusk leaving many of the extra’s normally reserved for cave diving would have to wait for the following day. One particularly funny exercise for the training team was having all 6 students follow the instructors around the resort with their reels, reach the end of their 100m reels and return to where they started with their shirts over their heads. We all agreed Claire was a great sport for joining in, the Thai locals were both confused and entertained by a “farang” girl in her bra running a white line around the trees. In the end it was a great time but everyone had destroyed the nice load on their reels so they had to run the distance out again and reel it in nicely this time. As a rule you should always run your reel out to check for tears and kinks before any diving on it, this keeps the reel clean and free from error. As the night drew on we moved into town for dinner and drinks and then back to the resort for some well deserved sleep as the rooster would go off at 6:30 for their first taste of fresh water cavern diving. As a side note, all accommodation, food, equipment and drinks would be included. The idea is they need to take everything except their wallet on these trips.


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