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Unique divers’ chamber comes to Rugby

RUGBY is now home to a unique treatment facility which could see Premiership footballers heading to the town.

A new recompression chamber, commonly known for treating divers with the bends, was recently opened at the Hospital of St. Cross.

As originally reported by the Advertiser last year, the facility is one of only 15 chambers in England and represents an important investment into the healthcare facilities in the Midlands area.

With one of the country’s busiest scuba diving centres, Stoney Cove, just down the road, the facility is expected to be welcomed by the dive community.

Simon Wilson, Technical Director at Midlands Diving Chamber, said: “It’s great to have a chamber like this in the Midlands, which can not only be used to serve the huge population of divers in the area, but also to support the healthcare services within the community.”

Carl Holland, Hospital Manager at the Hospital of St Cross, added: “This is a fantastic addition to the hospital which can be used not just to serve the huge population of divers we have in our community, but also as an additional service for our existing patients.”

Although most commonly known for treating divers the chamber also provides treatments for a number of other conditions.

These include carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation; air or gas embolism; enhancement of healing in selected problem wounds; exceptional blood loss (anaemia); necrotising soft tissue infections; osteomyelitis (refractory); radiation tissue damage (osteoradionecrosis); skin grafts and flaps (compromised) and thermal burns.

Recompression chambers are also regularly used by Premiership football players and professional sports players to speed up recovery from injury.

The treatment given in a recompression chamber (known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment) is a non-invasive medical treatment which involves breathing a hundred percent oxygen at an increased pressure.

This allows oxygen to dissolve into the blood plasma giving increased amounts of oxygen that helps to enhance the recovery of injured tissues.


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