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Si Tech Hoses Recall

A batch of low-pressure inflation hoses made by Si Tech is being recalled over fears of malfunction.

The Swedish manufacturer’s recall affects hoses made over a near-three-year period, from June 2006 to March 2009.

“The recall has been placed due to a potential manufacturing malfunction, whereby a blue or black plastic flow-restricting insert needs to be substituted,” says Si Tech.

Divers should “not dive with a hose subject to this recall until the insert has been removed by knowledgeable personnel”.

Hoses may have been bought individually, but the most likely scenario is that they were bought as part of an equipment package.

Divers who think that they might be affected should contact the dealer from which they bought the equipment or, if that is not possible, Si Tech directly.

Hose flanges carry serial markings, the details of which in terms of identifying affected units are too complex to explain here. An explanation of the marking system, complete with a full table of affected serial numbers is, however, viewable at the Si Tech website.

Si Tech AB, Tuntorp 154, SE-454 93 Brastad, Sweden. Tel: +46 523 150 10; Fax: +46 523 61 15 11; Email:


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  1. John

    The reason for the recall was a diver died at catalina island, california. The piece dislodged and traveled to the second stage restricting (blocked)air flow.

    April 21, 2009 at 3:50 am