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Event – Cave Diving in Thailand – April 2009

Tonight Big Blue Tech instructors James Thornton-Allan and Matt Rolph depart Koh Tao with 6 keen and future Cavern divers for 5 Days in Khao Sok National Park. We’re also going to have Sonia from last months course come out to do some dives with us.

In packing for this event we made a list to give people an idea of what it takes to do this type of diving properly, safely within training standards and enjoyable for all types of divers.

10 Primary Torches
10 Backup Torches
3 Stage Light Sets
10 100m Reels
10 45m Finger Reels
20 Cave Arrows
12 11L Cylinders
6 7L Cylinders
6 Slim Decompression Regulators for the RBS or “PONY”
4 Twin Tanks with Manifold
8 Tech Regs
6 Recreational Regs
Military Spec first aid kit
Emergency Oxygen and Regulator
2 Taxi’s
2 Full Face Masks
2 Oxygen Decompression Tanks (for the big boys diving after the course)
Petrol Powered Compressor and Filters
10 Pairs of Gloves
30kg of Batteries
Beer Coolers
6 Padi Certification Card Forms
1 Underwater Video Camera
2 Digital SLR Cameras


Big Blue Tech will be conducting a 4 day  Cavern Course in Kao Sok National Park. The following dates are available.


This trip will be open to divers from around Thailand.

Pre-Requisites: Must be minimum Advanced with 20 dives ( Redundant Breathing System Provided)

Conduct: The course will be done on site in the national park over a 4 day period of 6 dives with academic plus dry land skills. Certification as a Cavern Diver will be received after completing 4 dives and a final exam with 2 experience dives to follow.

– Ferry to and from Mainland Thailand (if required)
– Transport to and around Khao Sok
– 4 nights accommodation in a 4 star resort inside the the National Park
– Manual and Certification
– All gas and cylinder fills
– All equipment (Reels, Torches, Dive Gear)
– All food and drinks (non alcoholic)
– Park Entry Fee
– Boat Fees
– 4 Training Dives
– 2 “fun” Experience Dives

Not Included: Beer

Tekkies: Technical gear is available for those certified, included in the course price.

Certified Cavern Divers:
For those certified we will be running exploration trips in conjunction with this course, this will allow certified divers to use the boat and compressor to conduct 4 days of diving

Nitrox, Trimix and boosted oxygen available on site, on request.

Prices: Contact Us.


Past Events, look at these pages for images and video

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