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Unicorn Wreck Day – Koh Tao

Yesterday Big Blue Tech chartered the Mv Trident to take 15 people wreck diving. We collected the 15 from our divemaster internship pool who were eager to try something a bit deeper and challenging from their everyday diving.

After a briefing and orientation from the night before we all met at 7 am and loaded into taxi’s for the drive to the main peir where we met the owners of the Trident Jamie and Stewart along with Craig and Peter who would be helping lead the divers below.

As we steamed towards the wreck we had breakfast while being treated to live music being played by Alan on the Fiddle/Violin. The techies tied on to the wreck using a shot line system and then in groups of 3 we descended to the wreck.

The conditions were not ideal, a bit murky, bit of current, bit of chop but none the less a thrill for everyone. Many were combining the 40m depth with their PADI Deep Diver Specialty.

After 2 dives and a good lunch the bar was open and we sailed back to Koh Tao.


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