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Cavern Course Completion – Khao Sok – Thailand

From the 24th to the 29th of March Big Blue Tech were in Khao Sok conducting a PADI Cavern Diver course for 4 people.

Those who joined the trip came from a variety of destinations. One person in particular came from South West Asutralia, Ian, who flew all the way up to Thailand just for the course. He left enough room for a couple of nights on Koh Tao and quickly rushed back to far edge of the world. Also joining us was Trevor from Sai Ree Cottage who combined this event with the completion of his technical diver course conducted by Matt Rolph. And last but not least was “Dive Medic Cum Dive Instructor” Sonia Scott who came from Khao Lak (west coast of thailand) for a completely different type of diving.

The course began with a academic session, albeit not the most thrilling of things to endure but all the same quite necessary to cover cave formations, water sources, currents, equipment considerations and line usage. After a few hours break and waiting for the sun to calm down we moved in the woods for reel and line work practicing primary tie offs, secondary tie offs and placements. It was also a introduction to the proper way to handle a reel. As the beers added up many found they didn’t need the tapped up mask to have trouble seeing but by that time it was simply extra practice. As the night set the compressor was switched on to give some extra top ups and then in the taxi and off into town for dinner. This would be an early night as many were a bit weary from the travel to Khao Sok.

The following morning we up early, breakfast and coffee and down to the peir before the sun could really attack us. Out on the longtail for the 45 minute drive through the park to the first cave system. unlike normal boat rides, the spray from the water was refreshing as it was fresh water. The first dives of the day would be about fining or propulsion techniques, out of air drills, blacked out mask skills and touch contact. This course would be conducted to NSS-CDS standards for cavern diver allowing the progression of skills after the cavern course so these individuals could progress on to cave levels in the future.

This would be the only day for Trevor, returning to the hotel he received the news his wife was going into labour with his first son. Trevor will later complete his training but for not congratulations we’re all amazed you made it in time.

The days continued without him and everyone else completed the course. The last day was strictly fun diving and practicing skills. Matt would drop below the canopy for some depth exploration (had all that tech gear and no one to use it) and was supported above the canopy. Surprisingly he only found 50m but it was crystal clear, next time we’ll explore away from the rock face and try to hit 100m which we all imagine will be f*cking dark and f*cking cold, quoting Matt himself.

Because of the response of these courses and people who not only want the diving but want the training as well we have arranged two courses on the 18th of April and the 24th of April. These are both already half booked and availability for anyone who meets the requirements. For more information feel free to contact us.

Below are the pictures from this event, video to follow soon.


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