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DSAT Tec Diving Conference

DSAT Tec Diving Conference

Monday, March 30, 2009 from 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (ET)

East Rutherford, NJ, USA

The 2009 DSAT Tec Diving Conference is the first of a series of regular meetings by the Technical Diving Division (TDD) that will involve frontline tec diving instructors like you setting the priorities and direction for DSAT TecRec programs. Please join us and lend your experience, perspective and expertise as we discuss:

  • Closed Circuit – Are We Ready? Facilitated by Mark Caney, DSAT TDD Director, Rebreather Technologies, this session looks at technological trends – especially Closed Circuit Rebreathers – that will shape both technical and recreational diving in the immediate and distant future, and your views on how they will influence what and how we teach.
  • Training Outside the Box – TecRec Specialties. Steve Mortell, DSAT TDD Director, Cave Diving, discusses the ability to create distinctive specialties for DSAT TecRec, the limitations and what expansions, changes or revisions can make this option best work for you.
  • Training Outside the Box – Sliding Up the Up Side of Sidemount. Karl Shreeves, DSAT TDD Director, Decompression Diving, explores the growing popularity of sidemount configuration for open water tec diving, the option to use it in TecRec courses, how it fits in with future tec diving and TecRec training, interest in specific local markets, and views on its future locally and broadly.
  • Training Outside the Box – Diving Into Future Tec Training. Facilitated by James Morgan, DSAT TDD Director, Advanced Wreck Diving, looks at the philosophy and origins of the TecRec courses with an eye toward the future, hearing from you how we can best employ these philosophies to move TecRec forward. Building on all the previous discussions, this pivotal session examines what works, what needs updating and what tomorrow’s courses need to look like.
  • What are the Limits? Drew Richardson, DSAT TDD President, will facilitate a panel discussion of industry leaders to push the conversation to the next level in defining what are the limits in recreational and technical dive training.

Besides the individual presenters, some highly experienced DSAT TecRec Instructors will share their successes and difficulties in each of the topic areas. Each topic area begins with a short presentation to establish a common perspective and set goals, followed by group interaction and comment.

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