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Media Feeding Shark Fear

We recently published a news article about a Shark Swimming Near Surfer in Cornwall this was origionally from the Telegraph news agency in the UK shown here.

Interesting article and a great picture. However is it really news worthy to the public. We like it here becuause we’re about everything underwater. Go back a year and would this really be that interesting before the hype and the media found a new focus.

Speaking with a marine biologist from the Great Barrier Reef who conducted a seminar here at Big Blue said statistically the shark attacks are not on the increase, just the media attention of these incidents are.

Sadly, all the environmental awareness and protesting to protect sharks have put them in the spotlight with a dammed if you do or dammed if you don’t idea. It’s the same idea if you start protesting tree logging and the media start publishing tree falling stories because scandal sells.

The reason this topic came up is the man in the picture not only emailed us but wrote his own story here where he said

You may have seen in the media recently reports of a ‘shark’ spotted at Praa Sands… Well ‘that surfer’ in the picture is actually me! Spencer Webb from Falmouth Surf School… I just wanted to clarify that, despite reports that it was a shark, it was in fact a pod of dolphins… They were swimming for a wave, so I lined up for the same wave, as I surfed down the face of the wave I could see two of the pod of dolphins as clear as day beneath my board! I was so blown away I lost concentration and wiped out!”

Funny enough, now reading that statement, if you look at the picture again do you still think it’s a shark?

We thank Mr. Webb for contacting us and clarifying this issue. Let’s hope they don’t blame the dolphin for your wipe out.


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