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Koh Tao Underwater World Festival 2009 – Climaxed

Last night the Underwater World Festival on Koh Tao climaxed with a rendition of Greese Lightning and Summer Nights performed by the staff and customers of Big Blue. With many weeks of practice, costume and decoration design it all came to a head on the bright stage in front of hundreds of people. Special thanks to Ace Marine Images for filming the event, hopefully we’ll have some videos later.

It was also wrapped up with the annual Mr. and Mrs. Koh Tao competition where representatives from all schools came together to compete for the coveted prize and pub bragging rights.

After these performances and games were finished it was time for competition drinking and dancing. The bouncy castle that was reserved for children was opened up to adults at midnight causing an overwhelming smell of sweat and whatever they had for dinner before climbing inside.

As the night progressed the stage was host to different music acts from all over thailand from a full peice ska band to a solo Spanish guitar.

Everyone this morning were looking a bit worse for wear showing the definate signs of a bit too much which adds up to a sign of a great night!


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