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Koh Tao Underwater World Festival 2009

This year’s festival will host educational booths and discussions, land/underwater clean-up, with games and activities to raise money for this years Save Koh Tao Projects. All money raised through the event will go directly towards the funding of the three Save Koh Tao Branches. The theme of the 2009 festival is:

Say No to Plastic and Styrofoam!

The Underwater clean-up will be on the 21st and starts at 14:30.

The land clean-up will be starting at the same time from the festival area in Sairee, so if you are not attending the underwater clean-up please try to make it there.

Patrick from Asia Divers (083 394 7457) will be the leader for the clean-up so he will be taking care of getting the baskets to the boats and the rubbish off afterward. All the rubbish will go to the Asia Divers boat so it can be brought to the main pier in Mae Haad for sorting and weighing.

So far the following schools are signed up to have boats or help out: Asia Divers, Big Blue Diving, Crystal, New Heaven Dive School, Phoenix Divers, Sunshine, Scuba Junction, Sairee Hut, Seashell and Secret Garden.

If you would like to join the underwater clean-up but don’t have a boat to go with, contact one of the above schools or contact Patrick on the morning of the clean-up.
Mr/Miss Save Koh Tao

About 30 people have signed up for this event, it will start at 20:00 on the 22nd, definitely be there for this one!  If you are going to be on stage please be there a little bit earlier.

Other notes about the day:

* The Opening ceremony will be a big press event and a way to show the strength of our community. Please try to be there to show your support (some of the turtles will also be released at this time).

* The girls from the Miss Thailand Universe Pageant will be here, and the news groups following them, for the festival and will be releasing a few of the turtles on the 22nd at 15:00.

Save Koh Tao is a local community group which is divided into three branches;

– Education
– Land conservation
– Marine conservation

Save Koh Tao’s project goals in 2009 include:

* Develop Koh Tao in a way that is both environmentally and economically sustainable.

* Monitor and evaluate the local marine and land eco systems to identify problems or threats to these systems.

* Reduce negative impacts on the environment by working with the community, tourist industry and government to develop new methods of development, energy and business practices.

* Educate the local children and provide activities which encourage creativity, job and life skills and environmental awareness.

* Restore damaged areas and help to maintain the beauty and biodiversity of the island.


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