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100 Nude Activists Protest Canadian Seal Hunt

Spanish animal rights group EquAnimal takes the prize for the most epic protest for the International Day of Action Against the Canadian Seal Hunt with about 100 activists stripping nude for the cause.

The sprawling mass of  nude painted-red bodies seemed to cause quite a stir in Madrid yesterday. While the effectiveness of nude protests is always arguable, the Spanish media has covered the story extensively today, with some outlets even including footage of seal hunting along with their coverage of the protest.

The action seemed to be less ridiculous than the typical nude protest that we’re used to in America; instead of a couple model-thin women, EquAnimal had hundreds of men and women of all shapes and sizes participating.

If you want to help out with the day of action, it’s not too late (and no nudity is required).

Four of the five ways to participate are still easy to do after the date.



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