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Compressor Technician Course – Samui Easytek – Pattaya, Thailand

This past week Big Blue Tech have been involved in an ASSET/IDEST approved Compressor Technician Course with Steve Burton and David Ottaway at their office in Samui Easytek in Pattaya, Thailand.

The 5 day course is designed for the specific maintenance, troubleshooting, rebuild and service of compressors with a focus on the Bauer line of compressors.

Samui Easytek is a 3 floor office space located on a main road in an industrial area of Pattaya with 5 minutes travel time to the beach and all major locations. The shop has more than the expected amenities you would want for this level of course including 6 different compressors ranging in size and complexity.

The work shop has every imaginable tool from digital RPM testers to hydrostatic testing facilities. Even has a relaxing student area with fridge, television, wireless internet, class room, two toilets and unlimited coffee and tea.

The course progressed with theory, operation, HSE safety standards, compressor and filter design. It then slowly moved into operating, disassemble of all compressor parts, cleaning and testing with finally assembly and trouble shooting.

It even allowed time for the more experienced instructors of the course to create common scenarios and have the student identify the problems.

This course brings the average understanding of compressor use up to a proficient employable level as a compressor technician. For us island deserters it’s also a great place to get good, reliable tools not found on Koh Tao.

It was also a great chance to hang out with other Tekkies from the area including Oli from Drag Diveworks and Bruce, our in house ANDI Instructor Trainer

Below are some pictures from the course. For more information look here and here


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