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World’s first ‘under ice’ free-diving competition

The free-divers were participating in the Oslo Ice Challenge at Lake Lutvann on March 7 and 8.

Braving temperatures of -2 degrees, each competitor dove into a 10x10ft hole in the ice in a bid to reach the lowest depth.

With visibility of only 65ft, divers attempted to reach the bottom of this 173ft freshwater lake holding their breath for between three and five minutes.

“This was the first under the ice free dive competition of its kind and it was not an easy challenge,” said photographer Dan Burton.

“We had to walk nearly two miles in a blizzard and wearing only a wetsuit before we reached the hole in the ice so it was pretty tough going.”

Reaching a maximum depth of 53-metres (170 ft), French free diver Guillaume Nery, the youngest free-diver ever to hold a world record, took the title.

“There were all levels of divers there but it was obvious Guillaume was the best diver there,” said Mr Burton.

“I asked him why he had decided to take part and he told me that he had dived all over the world in warm temperatures. This was something really extreme and he wanted to give it a go.”



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