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Technical Diving in Thailand – At Night

Technical diving requires focus, training, skills and the ability to multi task. Any technical diver will tell you however, those qualities can be effected greatly by environment. Tonight such qualities are being tested with our Sunset and Night Dive at Chumphon Pinnacle. 2 members of our crew went a long including Oskar and Hannah along with nitrox divers, dive masters and scuba instructors.

This was a rare opportunity for the community to see one of the most loved dive sites on koh tao from a new and unique perspective.

Hopefully oskar doesn’t get to frightened by the 2m sharks at 40 meters that hang around at night, hopefully the 4 cylinders he’s wearing will keep them at bay.

In other news, Yvonne Fries, a member of our tech crew will be conducting shark diver specialty programs for individuals interested in their preservation. Yvonne has a full course of eager future shark divers but will hopefully be offering this unique course every few weeks.

Today is also the start of another round of eager and fearful potential instructors starting their 2 week course to become PADI Open Water Instructors, or as wel like to refer to as joinin the dark side of professional divers. As usual we have some friends on the course which is being taught by several prestigous schools around Koh Tao.

And as a final note, if you’ve been seeing divers without bubbles on your dive site here on Koh Tao, it’s not apnea or breath holding, but members of the Big Blue Tech team logging hours on a rebreather. In terms of rebreather diving we prefer to log hours rather than dives as a true representation of experience. However rebreather diving in thailand can be difficult as depth can sometimes be elusive. But for training and experience it’s perfect.


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