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Day One – Nitrox Gas Blender – Compressor Operator Course

Today began the slow and steady process of creating Compressor Operators and Gas Blenders for Dive Master Interns Corey, Colin and Simon.

Today’s main goal was to get them familiar with the basics of compressed air systems including cylinder visual inspection, regulator servicing and compressor operator whch is above and beyond the standard gas blender course.

The morning started out by emptying 3 of the twin sets for cleaning and servicing. The lads stripped every part down, cleaned it in ultrasonic fluid and inspected it for wear and tear. The cylinders had a bit of build up around the neck but nothing to worry about. The cylinders were re-asembeled ready for filling tomorrow during the air compressor portion.

Unfortunately the first aid kit had to be broken out a few times as corey kept slipping off the wrenches and slicing his knuckles. Only one way to learn.

While this was going on, Oskar was replacing the bungees on some OMS wings getting the extra gear ready for high season.

We even got a Suunto Favor working, we found sitting at 30m at a dive site. Some before and after servicing pictures.

Below are some pictures from today, tomorrow we’ll be on the boat discovering the benefits to twin compressors, air bank systems, compressor theory and compressor maintenance.


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