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Celebrity Rescue Diver

For the past 3 days, members from the Big Blue Tech team have been training Erik Blix and his family to become Rescue Divers.

Erik Blix is a journalist who’s television and radio work has given him a reputation of being a witty comedian who’s fame derived from political satire.

The course began with a CPR and First Aid segment delivered by our dive medic. We even brought out the defibulator for some proper hands on treatment.

The Rescue itself was broken into three days so each student of the group of 4 could have plenty of time for skill practice and development. The final day (yesterday) was filmed by our videography department and we hope to have a copy online for you in the next few days. Special thanks to Evalina, Duncan, Lara and Olga for participating as victims for our 4 new Rescue Divers.


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