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Cave Diving in Thailand – Khao Sok – Day 3

Today we woke up early, had a large breakfast and headed down to the peir for our first load of dives. The trip would take 45 minuts by longtail boat, which is essentially a big canoe with a car engine on the back with a prop. Not complicated but it works.

As the boat departed bruce started assembling his side mounted diving system which proved to be a much better system for cave diving as he could enter restrictions far easier then had he been wearing conventional technical diving gear.

The first dive would be at the Temple Cave which is just about the limit in which you would consider a cavern. Your can see the natural light but you can get into complete dark if you wanted to. The first thing you notice strickingly different about this cavern system to others is the height of it running from 2m down to 32m giving a large open area to explore. We would spend the majority of our time practicing skills but the remaining time spent diving around.

All divers had redundant breathing systems either in technical diving gear or single tanks while carrying a RBS or Pony.

Other unusual features are the submerged trees. Khao Sok lake is man made after the built a dam and flooded it. You can see an entire flooded forest and even a village although too deep for recreational dives. This made diving in Khao Sok very unique and interesting.

The second cavern would be in a hole in the wall, in a random place along a cliff. Appearently the locals know these places because the elders could remember hiding in them during the communist influx. Whatever the story may be, here we were, 10m deep and going into a cavern in the middle of no where. The great thing about these systems that everyone noticed was how clear the visibility was once you got inside. Outside it was terrible and green but clear like gin inside.


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