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Cave Diving in Thailand 2009

Today the tech crew is packing for several days diving in the Khao Sok national park caves and caverns. This venture which is being supported by Bruce Konefe is being attended by profesionals and beginners throughout Thailand.

Packing for this trip takes a lot of careful selection, because once you’re gone there’s no turning back. We’ve decided to take halcyon diving gear because of its light weight and even balance on your back along with simple finger reels and over the hand style reels. We’ve essentially discarded all our wreck gear.

One other exciting thing is that bruce was kind enough to deliver the rebreather bought from Pattaya. So not only are we going for some great diving we’re also bringing back a rebreather to be put through its paces. Making Big Blue Tech and Big Blue Diving the only school to be offering rebreather courses full time. I think we’ll be very busy on our return as every staff member and dive master intern has signed up to try it out.

During our departure we won’t be able to get back to all the inquiries we get. Since all the staff that know how to use the computer has gone diving. However those who need an immediate response can contact

Below are some pictures from today. We hope to be back around the 17th with news and pictures from the event.


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